Floating LED light

for the Prusa i3 3D printer

How to install the Floating LED Light

The photos below shown how to snake the USB wire on a Prusa MK3S. I used a white USB cable to make it easier to see.

There are other paths to snake the cable, you are free to experiment. If you do, just run the extruder up to the top position (210 mm) to make sure it doesn’t hit the frame.

Run the USB cable down along-side the back of the extruder.

Use one zip-tie to hold the cable as shown.

Here is a close-up view of the zip-tie.

Then use either clips or zip-ties to hold the USB cable along-side the wire bundle.

First install the cable clip as shown with the USB cable running through it.

The three photos below show which screw to remove to be able to install the cable clip.

Then you use the 16 mm screw and one or two plastic washers as described below.,

After installing the USB cable as shown above, I ran the extruder up to 210 mm (the top position) and you can see in the photos below how the cable did not interfere at all.

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