8 ways to cure scabies 

with the Healthy Skin Program

8 treatments to cure scabies 

Getting started with the Healthy Skin Program

The Healthy Skin Program is effective because it attacks scabies in multiple ways at the same time.

The Basics of the Healthy Skin Program

Here’s the basic Healthy Skin Program to beat scabies:

In short, here’s what I did (click each link for more info):

1. I applied a topical cream or lotion each week (you can choose spinosad lotion or permethrin lotion or sulfur lotion or benzyl benzoate lotion…they all work equally well, but each have their own method of application and how long to leave them on, etc).

NOTE: Now there is also the option of making and using 1% ivermectin lotion (then no oral ivermectin). And a new topical treatment called Natroba (0.9% spinosad lotion).

2. I took oral ivermectin once or twice a week (now there is also the option of using moxidectin)

3. I killed any stray mites on my laundry.

4. I also started taking a supplement called NAC to balance my immune system

5. I also got an antibiotic called cephalexin for a systemic bacterial infection which is very common in any stubborn scabies case ($4 or less if you can get a prescription…around $30 if ordered on-line)

6. Some weeks I also did other treatments on the days between my weekly topical applications (step 1, above). Like one week I did 3 days of sulfur lotion (12 hours a day) and one week I applied Eurax for two days.

Here is the schedule I followed.

I also sprayed some cloth furniture and my car seats with a permethrin solution just to be sure to kill any scabies mites that wandered off me. The DIY recipe is here.

Hope this helps.



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