8 ways to cure scabies

with the Healthy Skin Program

Fixing a stubborn case of scabies


Fixing a stubborn case of scabies

What is a “stubborn case” of scabies?

A stubborn case is one that is not cured by using any of the scabies treatments two weeks in a row (you can see the treatment schedules here).

If you are not cured there are three possibilities:

If you ever read clinical studies where they test how effective various scabies treatments are you will marvelous cure rates for some treatments.  Often there are claims of 80% or 90% cure rates. The researchers are being honest but they have a little unhidden secret, before they start a trial they eliminate “complicated” cases.

What is a complicated case?

It depends on the study’s criteria, but it can mean they eliminate pregnant women or anyone who did any other treatment in the previous month or who has a bacterial infection, etc, etc.

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