8 ways to cure scabies 

with the Healthy Skin Program


Eurax lotion or cream was my favorite product to ease itching and soften my beaten-up skin. I preferred the lotion, but that’s just me…maybe you like the feeling of a cream. It also contains 10% crotamiton which helps to kill scabies mites and eggs, but I wouldn’t rely on it alone because it isn’t a powerful as permethrin, sulfur or benzyl benzoate. The best deal I’ve found lately is from England. No prescription required. 

By the way, from England it’s under $10 for 100 grams (3.4 oz). In the good old USA it’s $340 for 60 grams (2 oz)!

Other products to sooth your skin

Aloe vera gel

Aloe vera gel helps to lessen itching. It does not kill scabies mites. Fruit of the Earth makes a great aloe vera gel ($6-20). Their Cool Blue Aloe spray or gel provides temporary relief from itching (also available locally at Walgreen’s, Wal-Mart and elsewhere). It contains 1% lidocaine which numbs your skin and is normally used for the pain and itch of sunburns.

If you have the option, get the pump bottle as this stuff is very thick! Plus it left a shiny, hard, flexible coating on my skin that made it harder to scratch…sort of a reminder to let my skin recover.

It washes off easily with water.

I used this sometimes to sooth the burning and itching that can accompany using permethrin lotion. The lidocaine numbing only helps for a little while, but you can always put more on.

Dry skin treatment

Sulfur can dry your skin out and that can result in mildly itchy skin (like a very mild sunburn feeling). Body oil can help with that. 

Neutrogena has a good body oil, but I used the generic Target body oil (a copy of the Neutrogena body oil). Neutrogena comes in a smaller bottle which makes it about twice as expensive as the Target generic. The oil in both is diluted sesame seed oil, which is lighter and thinner than other oils, so it didn't feel like a layer of grease suffocating my skin. To apply it, I'd fold a paper towel, pour a little oil on it and then rub that all over. That left a very thin layer of oil which I liked better than regular skin lotion.

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