8 ways to cure scabies 

with the Healthy Skin Program

Removing hard skin


Removing hard skin (crusted scabies treatments)

The topical scabies treatments cannot get through thick, hard skin. This means scabies mites can hide under hard skin and continue to torment you.

So an exfoliating cream containing urea and lactic acid is used on hard skin. It dissolves skin a few layers at a time.

I have used Gold Bond Ultimate Healing Foot Cream which is available in stores or here on Amazon.

I just apply it to the hard skin, wait an hour or three and then wash it off with a washcloth, warm water and liquid hand soap (like SoftSoap). Alternatively, you can use a scrubber sponge to remove the dissolved skin

Then simply repeat until all the hard skin is gone and get down to normal soft skin.

Don't apply it to normal skin because you don't want to dissolve that away.

Obviously the thicker the hard skin the longer this takes, you can eventually get down to normal soft skin.

Also, with crusted scabies the topical treatments are done more often. With normal scabies one does weekly treatments. With crusted scabies one can do the topical treatments every other day for a week or two, then back off gradually to once a week.

The exfoliating treatments take place between the scabies topical treatments.

Spinosad is a great treatment because it is not irritating, which other treatments can be, and it kills the eggs, too. Plus I am hearing good feedback on it being effective.

More info on spinosad here.

Spinosad can be purchased here online or gotten with a prescription.

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