My favorite digital caliper

The best reason for liking a tool?

It works! It makes my work easier! I always reach for it instead of my other calipers.

The Wixey digital caliper with fractions has a BIG display and it reads out fractions and digital measurements at the same time! Look at the life-size photo above.

I have all sorts of projects where I need to measure something and then convert the decimal readout to a fraction so I can choose the right drill bit or pipe. This gadget means I don't have to do any math!

I also have and use the Wixey digital protractor to measure angles. It not only reads out angles accurately, but I can re-set it to zero with the jaws open or closed or anywhere in between. That means I don't have to do any math when I measure odd angles!

Do you see a pattern here? I'd rather be building stuff than doing math on scraps of paper.

Plus my old eyes can read the display easily. I don't have to put my nose up to it. Hopefully the display will grow even larger as I age (yes, that's a joke).

And of course the caliper does metric and inches.

I realize you can get a digital caliper for $10…and I actually have a few of those for banging around or just to have one here and one there. But this is the one I have in my workshop and use most of the time.

The only thing that bugs me occasionally is I have to hold the On button down for a second or two for it to start up. My cheapo calipers start as soon as I press the button.

The good thing is having to hold the On button a little longer means it doesn't get turned on by accident (that's good!). I often find my cheap calipers batteries are dead because I must've accidentally turned them on. The Wixey is immune to that! So my Wixey is always ready to use, when my cheapo is dead.

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