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Maxim Hurwicz began seriously inventing decades ago. The first product to make it to market was the D’Addario TunerUp, a guitar tuning device.

Following that Maxim spent ten years developing an innovative circuit breaker locator. After many false starts, Ryobi licensed the patent rights and produced what they called the Power Tracer.

In there somewhere the Gum Popper was created. It is a specialty tool for opening blister packs of nicotine gum.

A recent new product is the Adfors ScreenZip screen trimming tool. It makes it easy to trim material when replacing damaged window screens.

The latest is the Gripper dishwand holder. It’s a holder that removably attaches to the rim of your sink to hold dishwands, sponges, and more.

Maxim holding a ScreenZip the day it hit Home Depot shelves!

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