Septic Riser and cover installation

How to do it and where to get parts

Septic covers

Where to buy a septic lid, riser, etc

Riser pipe

Sealing foam

Stainless steel screws

Two other easy systems

Has your septic cover gotten buried? You can extend the septic pipe so your lid can be easily accessed the next time the pumper truck comes around. I am so glad we did this.

Septic Covers

My video shows exactly how a pro adds a septic tank riser and a cover.

These lids aren't sold at your local building supply stores. So where the heck can you find one?

The Jackel company sells septic covers. Go measure yours before ordering! They come in 24”, 18” and 12” sizes.

It's made of high strength plastic and is lightweight. The lid can handle up to 2,500 pounds. The textured “Lawn Deco” decorative surface is non-slip. Square-drive stainless steel screws (no rust) are used for attaching to the riser.

Where to buy a septic lid, riser, etc.

Click here to buy the 24" septic cover on Amazon.

Here is the 18” septic cover.

And here is the 12” septic cover.

Sometimes the links change, click here to do a search of Amazon for “Jackel Septic Tank Riser Cover” and you’ll see a nice list.

The photo of the lid on Amazon looks exactly like the ones my septic professional installed except it appears to be a different shade of green. Compare the pictures for yourself.

I am just trying to help locate these supplies for whoever wants to do this themselves. I don't make or sell them. I just filmed my septic pro installing them.

You might be able to buy parts from a local septic guy or ask him where he buys his. I find septic guys to be very friendly and un-appreciated. We'd be up sh*t creek without them.

Riser pipe

The dual wall riser pipe the septic fellow used in the video can be found at building supply stores, but you might have to hunt around to find one that carries 24". You can Google “24-in Corrugated Culvert Pipe” but it comes in 20 foot sections. Probably more than you need.  And it’s crazy expensive. 

That's why calling your local septic guy and asking him if he has some to sell might be cheaper to buy and easier to tote home. They might need $20 or $30 per foot of pipe or they might just give you some if you give them your future clean-out business.

Sealing foam

The sealing foam used in the video is called Great Stuff Foam. Last time I looked it was under $9 at Amazon (Prime free shipping.

Stainless steel screws

#10 x 2 1/2" screws to connect the riser are available here.

Two other easy systems

A company called TUF-Tite has a system of interlocking  covers and risers.

There are risers 6” or 12” high available in 12”, 16”, 20” and 24” diameters.

Another company called Polylok has a similar system of parts, too. Here is their catalog.

Here is the cover that was installed on my septic riser.

You can see the design matches the covers I link to on Amazon.

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