Echo Speed-Feed head

Makes life a lot easier and relaxing

Where to get one

You can order the Echo Speed-Feed Head on Amazon here.

Or go to the Home Depot.

It’s the same price either way.

Advantages of the Speed-Feed head

It’s easy to install, easy to load, and woks smoothly. Ours has been working perfectly for years. 

Here are some Amazon reviewer’s comments:

“This is the second type of speed feeder I have owned and it's the best investment you can make for your trimmer. Forget using those pre-cut length string gimmicks and buy this if you have any decent amount of weed eating to do around your house. Easy to install and even easier to load string into it.”

“One other great thing about this is the fact that the entire head acts as the "push" button to activate the feed string. This makes it super simple to tap and get more length. Also this design allows you to rest the head on the ground and achieve a really even cut.”

Installation and parts guides

Down load the installation guide.

Download the Parts manual with diagrams.

One detail to know about

Some trimmer heads spin clockwise and some spin counter-clockwise. This is called Left- or Right-Hand spin (abbreviated LH and RH).  The Speed-Feed head will work with both kinds. It comes with a bunch of adapters for different sizes and brands of trimmers…most of them you won’t need to use. 

Find your trimmer listed on pages 3 or 4 of the Parts Manual. It tells you if your trimmer is RH or LH feed.

The parts manual lists which parts you use on page 5.

See the photo, below, that shows which is which. 

If you install left-hand parts by mistake, you’ll know because the line will get pulled in instead of feeding out. Just re-install it using the appropriate parts and you should be OK.

Here’s an Amazon reviewer’s description of that:

“Just be sure to know which way your trimmer head spins as the spindle the string feeds onto can be placed in for either direction depending on which side you put it in on. I took it upon myself to carve into the plastic of the spindle "UP" on one side in case I ever have the need to take the head apart. (It just has a R for right on one side and L for left on the other) I got in a hurry the first time I installed it and put it in backwards, not an end all just annoying.”

Here is a one-star review. The poor guy had the spindle in backwards so it was pulling in instead of out! 

“Been using this head for a little over a year and it gets worse and worse on not working properly. I had 15 minutes of trimming to do recently and it took me over an hour because it would either not feed properly or would pull the string back in. I had to restring it probably a dozen or more times in that short time.”

How to change to a Speed-Feed head in two minutes!

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