How to Remove and Replace a Car Radio

Make your own radio removal tool

Where to buy the special removal tools

Or buy a big set of tools for any car radio!

Make your own radio removal tool

My video shows exactly how I made and used the removal tools, but I'll describe it here, too.

A lot of items (lumber and some wooden boxes or crates) come wrapped up in metal strapping. If you call a lumber yard they'll give you some free.

These straps are about 1/2 inch wide. I used aviation snips to cut it down.

On Youtube a fellow named Sal Lopez said using a hacksaw blade worked for him. Of course you will probabaly still need to cut it down to fit in the slot.

Click here to download the drawing in pdf format. The drawing is life-size so you can print it out and use it as a template. Some printers re-size things, so use a ruler to make sure that 2" handle is actually 2"! If it is, then the rest should be correct, too.

Strapping is thin, so I made two of these for each side. If you have some 1/16" (1.5 mm) thick metal around, you can use that. 3/64" would work, too.

The end you slide in has to be 1/4" wide, but the handle can be any width…1/2" or wider is nice for holding on to.

For how to use the tools, watch my Youtube video elsewhere on this page.

Where to buy the special removal tools

Amazon has these tools for sale if you'd rather order them. The "official" tool has a small bump near the tip that helps to un-lock the radio, so it does work better. With my tool I had to jiggle it around a little to un-lock the radio holding tabs.

Click here to buy the Pioneer JVC Radio Removal Stereo Keys on Amazon. They are around $10.

I admit this tool is probably better than the ones I made. It has a little "bump" which you can see in the product photo. That "bump" helps to unlock and remove the radio.

I think I have a screw loose that compels me to want to plunge ahead and make my own tools. I couldn't find the tool in stores and I couldn't wait a whole 2 days for shipping. Plus I have piles of leftover materials so I could make the tool.

Those of you who are a little patient can just order them!

Or buy a big set of tools for any car radio!

If you think you may be working on other brands of radios, you can get a 36 piece set at Amazon. They are usually a bit over $20.

With a set of keys like this, no radio will be able to frustrate you.

Click here to see the wide array of sets of tools for many radios and cars.

How to remove and replace a car radio

Also shows the removal tool and how I made it

Click here to download the drawing in pdf format (100% life-size).

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