Cure fungal itching

Jock itch and Athlete’s Foot

Curing fungal itching

On the skin there is a never-ending battle between bacteria and fungus. Whenever  the “good” bacteria are eliminated, then fungus is able to reproduce and spread out of control.

The fungus can cause skin to crack and “bad” bacteria can grow in those cracks.

The fungus that causes jock itch and athlete’s foot is the same fungus, just in different places. The cure is the same, but the procedure for each is a little different.

The treatment is designed to:

1. Remove cracked skin

2. Clear out the “bad” bacteria from those cracks

3. Create a healthy environment where the “good” bacteria can live

4. Reduce the fungus so you feel good again!

5. Give you guidance to keep your skin healthy.

Click here to go to my page to download my free booklet, a step-by-step guide to curing your fungal infection. It has separate instructions for jock itch and athlete’s foot treatment.

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